If you are organising a large event, party or wedding and need some help with the management and planning, our sister company Redcrest  would be more than happy to get involved. We work closely with Redcrest to provide the full package for our clients. 


If you would prefer a modern marquee to a canvas tent, Redcrest can install any number of pvc marquees for you - they have clearspan or pole tent pvc structures. If you need to go down the pvc route,due to the external protection afforded by stronger European marquees, but would love to keep the Far Pavilions feel to your event, we have hand printed linings to fit all of Redcrest's pvc marquees, allowing you to experience the interior magnificence of our Indian linings. Many clients have been users of Redcrest Marquees with Far Pavilions Linings

Event Management

With over a decade of experience in Event Management, the service Redcrest provides is second to none, from the initial consultation right through to the event execution. This can include Theming, Installation, Infrastructure (power, refrigeration, loos) Lighting, Heating, Entertainment, plus recommendations for Caterers, Florists, Photographers and so on.

Redcrest is experienced in running private and corporate events and weddings for any size from 20 guests to 500, and will provide a complete marquee erection and event management service within most Southern Counties.

Other Event Companies

We will happily fit our linings to marquees owned by other operators. Please see the Hire a Lining page in the Linings section of this website.

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